Tuesday, 11 November 2008

File Under: Upsides of Corporate Capitalism

Much as I loathe the supermarket cartel that the foul farmer exploiter Sainsburys participates in (etc etc) I must remark upon a delightful incident that I was recently the beneficiary of. Tonight I bought two packets of Sainsbury's Basic Noodles, which cost 14p. Yes, for both. Each of them cost seven p!

It wasn't even bad, chicken flavour but entirely vegetarian. I mean, that's pretty remarkable. Not them being vegetarian, but 7p!! I mean, really. No wonder the slot where they were in has always been empty during my late-as-I-can-get-away-with milk runs. That's really quite something. I have no doubt that there's next to zero nutritional value in it, but I really couldn't care less. If I spent £7.00 I could buy a hundred of the things.

I hope that every revolutionary socialist will put maintaining this level of availability to the top of their agenda while planning the cataclysm's aftermath. Acting otherwise would be outright irresponsibility.

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