Monday, 10 November 2008

What's The Difference?

This is the first of what I expect to be a multitude of times that I shall quote the glorious Penny Red. I try to restrain myself since if I went wild this blog would just be a mirror of her site minus the pictures, but this line from her ongoing "Bindelgate" coverage was simply required referencing:
Please believe me: the only difference, now between Bindel and any fun-hating Daily Mail hack is that Julie likes cunt. 
So where in lies the difference between old school feminist and supposedly ecumenical socialist fem Penny? As that question has rather led us to, their form of feminism. form of feminism: Penny is an assimilationist, interested ending the gender binary, bringing about broad change (word of the year? I think so) to the entire society and staging a peaceful revolution that would leave nobody unaffected and no inch of the nation untouched. Bindel, meanwhile, wants to lock herself away with a pack of other radfem lesbians and practice communitarian isolationism against anyone who has a penis. 

Or used to have a penis, apparently.

It's probably in the interests of all reactionaries that the latter approach to feminism takes the ascendency: at least the women swept along in any such "hysteria" would keep to themselves and not go around re-ordering things. Frankly, though, I hardly see the thinking that underpins her requisites for associates (must have never had a penis and be attracted solely to those that share this trait) is in any way detached from any other form of bigotry, save in the target. But as far as I'm concerned trying to end the gender binary using a movement and mindset that bears the very name of a conceptual construct you are meant to be trying to eliminate makes precious little sense either.

At least Red is attempting to unite us all, however. Although if Bindel is a fine representative of the average radfem then I'd be fine in them holing up in a house far, far away from me. In fact I reckon that as long as they refrain from sloshing their anti-tranny bile out of the windows we could have the foundation for a working arrangement, here.

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